Contribute as a Designer

Get Started

Download a fresh Illustrator Template to kickstart your work. To be consistent with formats and styles, you can also inspect this source file.

Adding Coins/Token Icons

You can see missing icons that are in the design-pipe when goto and scroll down. Missing icons will show up with a blue name. These names come from coinmarketcap it's naming-conventions. For example "SHIB_5994" for Shiba Inu.

Adding Web3 Icons

The web3 category is especially for dapps, explorers, wallets, defi-products and web3 websites and is aiming to help developers find icons for web3 specific things. It's a bit of a mix of well known logos like metamask, or often needed icons like a wallet-icon. If you know some icons are missed in this section, start creating it - or let us know via icon-request.

Adding Interface Icons

This category is for all the other icons you could think of, but keep in mind - if it's a coin or web3 icon, it should not be in the interface icon set. Before you start working on more interface icons, make sure to check out if there is already an existing icon. We would anyway love to see special icons that we could not think of so far.


Each Icon is constructed in an 64x64px Artboard, which is divided in a 16x16 Grid. The outer 2 Units will not be used and act as whitespace. The usable design-Area is 48x48px.


Fusion's icons are 100% made out of strokes (1pt black). Please use the Line-Styles from the Template - especially care for Cap, Corner, Limit and Align-Stroke settings! Do not use the dashed Lines feature! As the icons can be modified via css in stroke-width and color this is a required spec and will be cleaned up via scripts before your icons will be in this library.

Construction rules

Do not draw / freehand paint lines. Fusion icons are constructed very mathematically point by point. You will modify shapes like rectangles, circles and lines and divide/join points. There is no unintentional "maybe right" position for points - beside your aesthetic eye - there is in most cases some logic involved. When you feel you need to work outside of the grid - make sure it's truly needed and intentionally.


When you have some icons done, send your illustrator file/s to

Beginner Friendly

When your icons do not meet the required technical spec, but we see efford and potential in your work, we can offer you free one-to-one coaching via screen share to help you become a more experienced icon designer.